Vanguard 9007 LED Headlights

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Vanguard Series - In pursuit of stability

At the center piece to your setup of LED headlight bulbs, VehiCode Vanguard Series is designed to deliver totally satisfying brightness in front of your vehicle. Armed with the latest in bleeding-edge tech Philips luxeon zes LED chips and backed up by aircraft grade aluminum heat sink, you’re getting an unfair advantage of headlights upgrade.



Vanguard LED headlight bulb comes equipped with Philips Luxeon Zes LED chips powered with 25 watts, and allowing for the increased Lumen output while still drawing less than half the power of the factory headlight bulb.

You can experience 8,000 focused lumens with 20% greater optimized raw lumen output, and 6000 Kelvin pure white color illuminating everything in your driving path.

What’s more, Philips Luxeon Zes LED light source specially features higher heat dissipation rate, more efficient heat conduction and is well optimized to endure much higher produced heat.

Heat Sink


Upgraded copper plate aluminum as heat conductivity offers better thermal transfer than aluminum with a heavier weight plus the advantage for flat sheet heat sinks. The thermal conductivity of copper plate aluminum reaches 630W/m.k.

Aircraft grade AL6063 aluminum as heat sink stays 50% cooler than standard to be feasible to not equip with cyclone fan. Hence, the noise or break-down risk of cyclone fan is avoided.



Real-time LED smart ballast controller system and CPU are well optimized for consistent and efficient LED light output and effective temperature adjustment.

Plus, EMC anti-jamming is engineered to prevent interference with other electronic devices or applications on your vehicle. This way, you never have to worry about the LED configuration or damages from voltage variation and spikes.


Equipped with advanced electrolytic capacitor for vehicle lighting

Weather Control Chip

Low-Drop out regulator is suitable for most weather conditions

Power Control

Genuine driver for power supply control

Power Supply

Authentic vehicle power supply


Adjustable Beam Angle


The world’s first Flexible and fully adjustable socket allows for precise headlight fitment and ensure a per- fectly focused beam pattern to work with reflector or projector housing.

Reversible Heat Sink


Removable and reversible heat sink can adjust for shorter bulb body. And for added adaptability, there is no worry of going against anti-dust cap or fixing clip, particularly happened to aftermarket bulbs.

Waterproof IP65


With certified IP-65 waterproof level, even in harshly rainy condition, our VANGUARD LED headlight bulbs can still work effectively without being impacted. There is no worry of head-lights instantly shutting off in rainy weather.

Two Year Warranty


With the purchase of a VANGUARD series LED headlights kit, you will be covered by an extended two-year warranty. You will also have access to VehiCode full Support Team ready to help resolve any issue.


Lumens per bulb: 4,000 LMs

Wattage per bulb: 25 W

Voltage: DC12-24 V

Color: 6500 K Cool White

Operating Life: 50,000 Hrs

Operating Temp: -40 °F ~ 176 ° F

Height per bulb: 4.01’’

Width per bulb: 2.0’

All-in-One: YES

Plug-N-Play: YES

LED: Philips Luxeon Zes

Ballast: IC Circuit Balast

Build: Aviation Aluminum 6063 Heat Sink

Certification: IP65 Waterproof, RoHs, CE, E9

Kit Includes: 2 bulbs, 2 Balasts, 1 manual