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What's Warning Canceller (Capacitor) And Why Some Cars Needs It?

This is also referred to as HID Anti flicker capacitor. It is commonly found in high profile automobiles such as Mercedes, Audi, and BMW among others. It’s a very significant component in American and European cars installed with High Intensity discharge lights. They can however function well for vehicles with low voltage provided that their compatibility is favorable. Experts warn that it is imperious to confirm your vehicles compatibility from the manufacturer before considering installing a warning canceller. To avert damages it is recommended that you consult an experienced professional for help.

What's Warning Canceller (Capacitor) And Why Some Cars Needs It?

Why do some cars need it?

Here’s why;

  • Solving Flickering Issue

Capacitors are used to sort out flickering issues that are very common with LED kits. Light flickering issues arise as a result of LED bulb replacement. On many occasions the cars computer rejects the changed bulb especially when it happens to be a replica and not the original. Subsequently the computer repetitively keeps sending a special pulse to the lights as a way of trying to resolve the lighting failure. A continuous pulse results in what appears like flashing or flickering of lights. It can be so dangerous driving with flickering lights as it can lead to horrendous accidents on the road especially during the night. To resolve the flickering or the abnormal light flashing such cars require anti-flicker devices to be installed with expertise.


  • Eliminate Bulb failure issues

In many modern cars drivers have the unique privilege of knowing whether all their LED headlights are fully functional or not. This is as a result of the availability of a light indicator on the dashboard which sounds the warning when one fails or the bulb burns out. Sometimes the bulbs are not burnt despite the bulb out indicator. Computer errors can result in superfluous expenses .In such a case a warning canceller is highly recommended to resolve the issue. It works perfectly well in expunging the warning light and relieves the usual stress that comes with malfunctioned car parts. A good quality capacitor will solve all bulb failure issues encountered as a result of wrong warning signals from your car’s computer system.



A warning canceller or capacitor is highly recommended for convenience purpose. It works perfectly well with cars whose year of manufacture ranges between 2006 upwards. They are also incredible for vehicles with daylight running lights.


NOTE: GoldPro200 and Silver200 Series have carry-on capacitors inside package.

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