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  1. SILVER H3 LED Headlights

    SILVER H3 LED Headlights

    The Silver LED headlight replacement bulbs are the best ones to replace halogen and HID at the most affordable price. Equipped with the excellent illumination and heat dissipation, each bulb will be cool to the touch even after hours of continuous use.
  2. CanBus Capacitors H3

    CanBus Capacitors H3

    1. Plug-N-Play, no modification is needed
    2. Solve error message on dashboard
    3. Eliminate LED headlight flickering
    4. Work for all cars with computer controlled headlights
  3. Dark Night S LED Projector

    Dark Night S LED Projector

    Power is nothing without control! Complete projector retrofit kits include all of the components to convert your headlights to a projector-based lighting system for unbeatable performance at night. More difficult? Yes. Worth it? Easily.

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