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Rear Exterior

Look to VehiCode, for a wide array of high-end LED headlight bulbs for your vehicle, including rear exterior lights. We stress the importance of having properly working rear exterior lights for the safety of you and others on the road. Having functioning lights on your vehicle will allow others to know where you are on the road and in parking lots. Operational LED lights will also allow for your vision to be enhanced on the road. 


We offer the latest technology in auto headlight bulbs and other lights for your vehicle. If you are curious to know what type of LED bulbs are needed for your vehicle, turn to our headlight bulb finder for assistance. When searching for your vehicle’s bulbs, you will see nothing short of perfection. Our light bulbs are crafted for precision and power in order to provide our customers with the best. Visit our page to learn more about our LED backup lights.

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  1. 7440 LED Bulbs - 30W Cree LED - Wedge Retrofit

    7440 LED Bulbs - 30W Cree LED - Wedge Retrofit

    When it comes to power and precision this bulb has it all. Made from high quality materials and the best components, the CREE XB-D LED light bulbs are perfect for your LED bulbs replacement. The LED light bulb has 6 - 5 watt high power CREE XB-D chips that fire perfectly into the chrome reflector of your light housing. The result is a more intense output and focused beam pattern.
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