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Backup Reverse Light

Make sure your vehicle is ready to drive with auto parts from VehiCode. We provide state-of-the-art LED lights for all vehicles, including LED headlight bulbs and rear exterior lights like backup lights. Headlights and other vehicode lights play a large part in keeping you safe on the road, so it is important to replace them as soon as possible when they break. Ensure you find the right lights for your particular vehicle by utilizing our online part finder for auto headlight bulbs and more.


Many accidents occur while driving in reverse. One of the most important safety features for avoiding these accidents is to have working reverse lights. LED reverse lights let the people around you know that you are backing up, allowing them to respond appropriately. You are required by law to have functional reverse lights. Whether your bulbs burn out or your lights get smashed in an accident, you can find the right replacement part in our store.

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  1. Remove This Item Bulb Number: 7440
  2. Remove This Item Canbus Ready: No
  3. Remove This Item Chips: SMD-3030
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  1. 7443/7440 LED Light Bulb w/ Lens - 30-SMD - White

    7443/7440 LED Light Bulb w/ Lens - 30-SMD - White

     - 950 Lumens Per Bulb
     - 24x SMD-4014 and 6x SMD-3030 White Chips
     - Optically Engineered Lens
     - Mini Size, Plug and Play
     - Pack of 2 Bulbs

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