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Tail Light

Explore our selection of LED headlight bulbs and tail lights to find the right fit for your vehicle. VehiCode offers an array of auto lights for all makes and models and makes the shopping process simple with an easy-to-use part finder.


Tail lights, not to be confused with LED reverse lights or brake lights, are the rear lights that automatically come on when your front headlights activate. They make you more visible in dim conditions, like nighttime, rain, and fog. You are less likely to be involved in an accident when you are sure the drivers behind you can see your vehicle,. In addition, if your tail lights don’t work, you run the risk of being pulled over and ticketed.


Replace your broken tail light today to stay safe on the road and avoid a costly ticket. With our diverse selection of replacement headlight bulbs and tail lights, you are sure to find the right part for your particular vehicle.

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  1. 1156/1141 LED Light Bulb w/ Lens - 30-SMD - Red

    1156/1141 LED Light Bulb w/ Lens - 30-SMD - Red

     - 950 Lumens Per Bulb
     - 24x SMD-4014 and 6x SMD-3030 Red Chips
     - Optically Engineered Lens
     - Mini Size, Plug and Play
     - Pack of 2 Bulbs

  2. 1156

    1156 LED Bulbs - 30W Cree LED - BA15S Retrofit

    When it comes to power and precision this bulb has it all. Made from high quality materials and the best components, the CREE XB-D LED light bulbs are perfect for your LED bulbs replacement. The LED light bulb has 6 - 5 watt high power CREE XB-D chips that fire perfectly into the chrome reflector of your light housing. The result is a more intense output and focused beam pattern.
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