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9007 HB5

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  1. Vanguard 9007 LED Headlights

    Vanguard 9007 LED Headlights

    The new Vanguard Series LED headlights conversion kit brings much stabler performance compared with old series, armed with a best in class Philips Luxeon ZES Chips, adjustable chuck angle for better beam pattern, and removable heat sink for added adaptability.
  2. GOLDPRO 9007 LED Headlights

    GOLDPRO 9007 LED Headlights

    The GoldPro LED headlights conversion kit brings unmatched performance to halogen and HID replacement, armed with ETI Flip Chips, and excellent heat dissipation at the best price.
  3. SILVER 9007 LED Headlights

    SILVER 9007 LED Headlights

    The Silver LED headlights conversion kit is the best one to replace halogen and HID at the most affordable price. Equipped with the excellent illumination and heat dissipation, each bulb will be cool to the touch even after hours of continuous use.
  4. Aquila 9007 LED Headlights

    Aquila 9007 LED Headlights

    Engineered with New COB Chip Technology , VehiCode Aquila series LED Headlights deliver unmatched brightness in front of your car and are specially designed in pursuit of simplicity and cost effectiveness. At the most affordable price, everyone has the opportunity to arm your car with the advantage of LED headlights.
  5. CanBus Capacitors 9007

    CanBus Capacitors 9007

    1. Plug-N-Play, no modification is needed
    2. Solve error message on dashboard
    3. Eliminate LED headlight flickering
    4. Work for all cars with computer controlled headlights
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